Abnormal Psychology 2

Is the way we regard mental illness truly more humane now than 100 years ago?  Please explain your answer.Respond in 600 words with a scholarly reference. Use citations and site your work

Abnormal psychology


Write up a 1-page summary and include 2 concepts learned in class that were discussed in the article

The class subject is abnormal psychology

These are all the topics that were discussed throughout the semester

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Historical Overview and
Chapter 2 – Current Paradigms in Psychopathology
Chapter 3 Diagnosis and Assessment
Chapter 4 – Research Methods in Psychopathology
Chapter 13 – Disorders of Childhood
Chapter 5 – Introduction to Mood Disorders
Chapter 6 – Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 7 – OCD and Trauma-Related Disorders
Chapter 9 – Schizophrenia
Chapter 10 – Substance Use Disorders
Chapter 11 – Eating Disorders
Chapter 15 – Personality Disorders
Chapter12 – Sexual Disorders
Chapter 8 – Dissociative Disorders
Chapter 14 – Late Life and Neurocognitive
Chapter 16 – Legal and Ethical Issues

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