American History

American History.

Pick 2 questions and write at least 400 words for each question; that’s a total of at least 800 words.

To answer a question adequately, be sure to use facts as supporting evidence. No need to cite any facts if they come from the text or the lecture docs, but make sure you cite facts correctly wherever you get them. If you cite information from outside sources, you will need to cite those MLA style, but no need for a reference/works cited page or anything. Remember, in history factual errors are a cardinal sin.

Chapter 15
1) What were the various plans for Reconstruction proposed by Lincoln, Johnson and Congress? Which plan was enacted and why?

2) What were the effects of Reconstruction for Blacks and Whites in the South?

3) What were the political achievements and failures of the Grant administration?

Chapter 16
1) What various ethnic and racial groups populated the American West, and how were the cultural characteristics of these groups reflected in the West?

2) How did the arrival and settlement of substantial numbers of Anglo-Americans transform the society and economy of the West?

3) What role did the federal government play in shaping the development of the West?


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American History

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