Summarize Marcia’s theory of identity statuses.  Describe the development of your  educational/occupational identity in terms of Marcia’s statuses.

2. What are the weaknesses of the research on the relationship of self-esteem to other characteristics  and behaviors?   Under what conditions do correlations between self-esteem and other  characteristics and behaviors exist?  Does research support the commonly-held beliefs that self- esteem drops dramatically during adolescence or that females suffer from substantially lower self- esteem than males?  Explain.

3. What are the defining features of emerging adulthood?  If you are within the age range defined as  emerging adulthood, how well do you think these features describe you?  If you are beyond the age  range, how well do you think these features describe you when you were within that age range?   Does your reflection suggest any cohort differences?  Explain.

4. According to social exchange theory, what determines an individual’s level of satisfaction with a  relationship, and under what conditions will an individual remain in a relationship s/he perceives as  unsatisfactory?

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