Depression Brochure

Imagine you work for a small clinic that offers counseling. Recently, a large number of people have come in wanting to seek treatment for their depression. In order to address this need, you’ve been asked to create a brochure that explains depression and its treatment.

Create a 6- to 8-page/pane brochure which does the following:

  • Defines “psychological disorders” and “abnormal behavior”
  • Describes the classification that depression belongs under
  • Differentiates this classification from other classifications of psychological disorders
  • Describes depression and its symptoms
  • Explains treatment options, including the pros and cons for each type of therapy.

Note. You can use the Brochure Builder to create your brochure and save it as a PDF to submit or you can create your own brochure using Microsoft Word or another software. Also, be sure to properly cite any resources you use.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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