Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Discuss the controversies related to Dissociative Identity Disorder. Respond in 1000 words with a scholarly references. Use citations, site your work and add references

dissociative identity disorder

Library Assignment
– a minimum of 5 recent peer-reviewed nursing journal articles
– I included 7 articles in attachments but only 5 are needed.

Topic : Dissociative identity disorder

The following sections MUST be included in your presentation to obtain full credit:
1. Introduction or overview of the topic
2, History and statistics related to the topic
3. Significance to health issues
4. Role of the nurse
5. Relevance to nursing practice
6. Conclusion

See attached rubrics for grading. Attach a copy of this outline and the rubrics to your paper. It should be no between 750 and 1000 (change as required) words, double spaced, APA format.  The article should be attached.  When quoting or paraphrasing the article, include in-text citation and attach a reference page with the article listed (APA format). 

Please highlight any information that will be used from the articles and include all as an attachment when you’re finished.

thank you!!


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