Intervention 1 – Goal Setting Worksheet

Resources Intervention 1 – Goal Setting Worksheet Scoring Guide APA Style and Format

Goal setting is one of the most common interventions that performance enhancement consultants provide. It is an important tool that when used effectively, increases confidence, motivation, performance, and satisfaction with the sport. Please use the following case study to create your goal setting worksheet. 

Case Study:  An athlete from the Bulldogs team wants help in improving performance on a specific skill or in a specific area this season, but is not sure how to achieve this. (For example, a baseball player wants to improve his batting average to .300, a basketball player wants to have a higher free throw shooting percentage, or a gymnast wants to add a higher value skill in her routine.) Help this athlete attain this goal by creating a handout that the athlete can use to record his goals.

Assignment Instructions

Goal Setting Worksheet: This goal setting worksheet should demonstrate your knowledge of key principles (from Chapter 11 in the text) included in effective goal setting. Be sure to include areas that address both process and performance goals. Your worksheet should be comprehensive yet easy for the athlete to use and maintain accountability toward the goals (2-pages maximum).  Please review the scoring rubric for this assignment to see how it will be graded.

The goal setting worksheet should:

Incorporate key principles of effective goal setting.Incorporate performance and process goals.Be visually appealing.

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