**KIM WOODS** questions

1. Viability of Freud

Is Freud’s theory a viable theory for this century? Provide reasons for your view. 

2. What concepts would you keep?

Many of the analysts after Freud held different views than those he prescribed. Which of Freud’s concepts would you want to keep if you were developing your theory of psychoanalysis? On the basis of current research, provide a clear rationale for each component that you choose.  

3. Jim case study discussion

Personality Assessment and the Case of Jim.  Read this case study in chapter 4 of your textbook.  After reading the case and the associated chapter information for this week, consider posting at least one thread that relates the case to the psychodynamic model, and the psychodynamic method of assessment.  

4. Current research articles

Locate one peer reviewed study on psychoanalytic theory published in the last 5 years. How does the study present material differently than earlier analysts? Include an APA citation of your chosen study in your response. How are psychoanalytic concepts addressed in current research studies? Provide examples.  

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