letter to the editor for a newspaper

For this assignment, compose a letter to the editor for a newspaper of your choice – such as the Miami Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. You will submit your letter here for a grade. You are not required to submit the letter to the newspaper, but it is something you should consider.


1. Choose your paper. Find out how to submit a letter to the editor for your paper and what guidelines are required. Your letter should be publishable, even if you do not choose to send it to them.

2. Have a look at the stories they have published in the last week and also at the letters to the editor that they have published. You may use other online resources to find sample letters, but be sure to write your own.

3. Compose your letter. Be sure to include these things:

a) Why you are writing/what story you are responding to

b) A clear statement of your claim

c) A clear explanation or argument to support your claim.

d) Any conclusions you find relevant.

FYI: Here is an example of a story (note the comments left also) and a letter I wrote to the Miami Herald in response:



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