Psychoeducation Group 

Throughout the class students will work with 2-3 other students in a task group to design a psychoeducational group. During the implementation of the group, each group member must take an opportunity to facilitate the group. Students will be given some class time to work on this project. Students will be provide psychoeducation group topics. The following components must be provided on the day the psychoeducation group is presented:

1.      Objectives of the group. For example, group participates will learn anger management skills; learn assertiveness skills; develop body image awareness; etc.)

2.      Describe the targeted participants (e.g. University undergraduates, children in Head Start, Parents going through a divorce) and why is it important that this group receive service

3.      Describe the setting of the group (University Counseling Center; High School, juvenile detention center) and the resources you will need to implement the group (e.g. video, food, childcare)

4.      Provide a handout that outlines the above information and any other handouts that are needed to implement the group session.

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