Watch the documentary “Master of the killer ants” and then answer the questions below

1) Based on Gardner’s  eight multiple intelligences, what do you believe is the Grandfather’s (the main character in the documentary) type of intelligence?  Give me two examples from the clips

2) What do you believe to be the “worldview” of this mofu tribe?  How do they see their life and environment

3) What type of parenting did you notice? Who DOES the parenting? How did he react when the children disobeyed him and tried to pick up the ants? How would YOU have reacted in the same situation

4)How may it be perceived in many other cultures when they have a ceremony with rocks etc. to call for rain?5)What was their education like, and what was one thing that is very important to their village, that was being taught to the children?

6)What is YOUR perception of this video and what did you learn?

State the questions then answer.

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