Research Methods Methods in Psyc Discussion Question

Utilizing the Checklist for Critiquing a Research Report in our textbook, critique an article selected from the APUS Online Library.  Be specific with your explanations and write at least 2-3 sentences for each.Your initial post should be minimum of 400 words and your two required replies to your classmates’ initial posts should be minimum of 250 words.Step 1 Completion ExampleStep 1: The Problema. Is the problem clearly and concisely stated? (yes or no followed by explanation)b. Is the problem adequately narrowed down into a researchable problem? (yes or no followed by explanation)c. Is the problem significant enough to warrant a formal research effort? (yes or no followed by explanation)d. Is the relationship between the identified problem and previous research clearly described? (yes or no followed by explanation)

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