this assignment is for nightingale

This is a group assignment.  I am showing you below the entire assignment.  My portion that we need to do is below it starting in red,.

This assignment allows you to interact with schedules of reinforcement in a way that discriminates between example and non-examples.

Imagine you are the instructor of this course, and you are tasked with designing a multiple-choice exam covering the various schedules of reinforcement, behavior patterns, and possible outcomes, both partial and continuous.

Design an exam with your team about the five schedules of reinforcement. Include the following:

The exam must be 14 multiple-choice questions.

Highlight the correct answer.

My portion of the assignment is to do 4 questions with several multiple choice answers.  (Of course, you will need to highlight the correct answer with a color.  My choice of schedule is INT (which is intermittent schedules of reinforcement.  It is as follows:  Ratio interval allows for some but not all occurrences of behavior to be reinforced.  INT (intermittent schedule of reinforcement) means reinforcement is delivered after some behaviors or responses but never after each one.

Please plagiarize and grammarly check and cite references where required,

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