What are the six functions of bone, and what is hemopoiesis?

There are probably more than six functions and hematopoiesis is one of them.

  1. Support—bones form the framework of the body and contribute to the shape, alignment, and positioning of the body parts.

  2. Protection—bony “boxes” protect the delicate structures they enclose.

  3. Movement—bones with their joints constitute levers that move as muscles contract.

  4. Mineral storage—bones are the major reservoir for calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. The serves as a storehouse for about 98% of body calcium reserves.

  5. Hematopoiesis—blood cell formation is carried out by myeloid tissue.

  6. Fat storage. A small amount but still can be called upon.

  7. Magnesium and sodium storage.

  8. Cushion jolts and blows.

Hematopoiesis comes from two words that mean “blood + making”. It really will help you to learn terminology. You can guess sometimes an answer to a question.

The official meaning is “The process of formation and development of the various types of blood cells and other formed elements.”

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